Sunday Brunch Squad

Sunday Brunch Squad

Okay, so here comes fall with a vengeance after the super hot and not so rainy summer we are just finishing up. We had a blast through the summer and want to continue the fun through the fall and winter. What better way to do that then be able to sit down with friends and […]

Hustle for Hops

Hustle for Hops

The Puppy Batch of the Hustle For Hops Official Post Run Beer is on tap starting tonight! It’s a Hoppy Golden Ale hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, Idaho 7 and El Dorado! Come for the run at 5:30, grab a pint after. See ya tonight! 4.2% ABV 37 IBU PS you don’t have to run to […]

Darren in bandw

Staff Highlight – Darren

So, here’s the deal… Darren started here since just before Yellow Dog opened its doors. Quiet, soft spoken and wicked smart, Darren is a chemist by trade. Trade? Career? Not sure, but that’s what Darren’s background is. He’s part of the furniture here in the brewery and has probably done every job here in the […]

Yellow Dog Ballcap

New Merch – New Face – More Awesome

Summer merch is arriving and we’re all excited to see what our new graphics guy, Jeff has been up to in his office located in the dark nether-regions of Yellow Dog’s idea incubator. Apparently he’s been busy getting all the new t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and everything else that needs designed. In case you didn’t know […]

Marni is Ernie

Staff Highlight – Marni

As a retired varsity athlete at the top of her game, Marni switched gears from the highly competitive world of soccer and poured her energy into the highly uncompetitive world of Craft Beer. She’s no stranger to the Port Moody community and comes part and parcel to the great team that is Yellow Dog Brewing.